About the Foundation

Hunting is Under Threat in Europe

The FACE Wildlife Foundation is our tool to make a real impact on for the future of hunting. We fund groundbreaking research, policy and media efforts, as well as wildlife management and habitat conservation projects. Our focus is on promoting sustainable hunting practices which contribute to nature and society.

Hunters are committed

to protecting biodiversity

and saving habitat,

we need to support them.

Our Challenge

The United Voice for Hunting in Europe

We must safeguard our heritage and ensure the future of hunting in Europe. Our tasks extends beyond borders, we foster a strong network among hunting associations across the world. We are dedicated to informing the public on the role hunting plays in wildlife management and environmental conservation through our efforts in social acceptance.

We need your support

Your Donation, Our Actions

We turn your dedication to hunting into tangible actions— we aim to create a future where the role of hunting is known, accepted and support by society. By supporting the foundation, you invest in a safe and sustainable future for both wildlife and people.

Bridging Policy and Action

We are the vital link between the European Institutions and civil society and advocate for sustainable hunting and conservation. From your local hunting club to your national association, we fight for your rights every day.

About the Founder

Founded by the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE), this foundation is backed by over four decades of advocacy and action. FACE is an international NGO which represents the interests of Europe’s 7 million hunters. Learn more at www.face.eu


For more information or to make a donation, please reach out to:

President Torbjörn Larsson at torbjorn.larsson@face.eu